Karen Peck
SBISD Trustee, Position 7

Proven Leadership for Kids

Karen Peck for SBISD Trustee, Position 7                      

Karen's more than 410 supporters from her original 2013 campaign are listed below.  Please renew your support or join the list by emailing karen@karenpeck.net:  

          Kathy Abshire 
          Charlotte and Andy Adams

Joe Ahmad
        Jennifer and Scott Alpard

Philip Alter

Melissa and Mike Anderson

Becky Andress
        Roshanak Azimpoor

Mary and Tom Baird
        Missy Balleza

Rebecca Barbier
        Riham and David Baumgartner
        Denise and Steve Bender
        Sally and Steve Benwell
        Lisa Bergez
        Mary and Louis Blankenbaker
        Kelley and Hans Boas

Amy and John Bone

John Bonner

Dan Boyles

Betty Bradshaw
        Cheryl and Kevin Brady

Robert Brann
        Chris and J. Carter Breed
        Marion and Spence Bridges
        Leslie and John Brittain

Carolyn and Mark Bronston
        Ann Bruin
        Annie and Will Bullock

Dawn Burge

Laura Bushong

Patty Busmire
        Dianne Butterfield

Ann and Paul Campbell
        Sonya and Bill Carpenter

Sharon Carroll

Allison Carter

Laura and Rex Casanover

Elizabeth Cashiola
        Katherine Center

Melanie and Greg Cizik
        Lisa and Gary Clayton

Lainie and Wade Cline

Cassie Cloud
        Julie and Jay Collins

Gus and Karen Comisky, Jr.
        Kathy and Carlton Cook
        Margie and Gary Cooper
        Sherry Cooper
        Janine and George Conner
        Kristi Cordova
        Melanie and Robert Cremins
        Kathy Danna           
        Edward Davis
        Suzie and Stan Davis

Katherine and Lane Dawson
        Mark Deibert
        Deborah Detering

Kim and Mark DeVaney

Jennifer Donnan
        Janet and Robert Dowlearn
        Becky and Paul Drexelius
        Susan and Ray Driver

Barbara Drumheller
        Nancy and Chris Dunbar

Jana and Mark Dundas

Cindy Dunn

Lauren Dyer

Terry Eberhart
        Lisa Elliott
        Misty Ellis

Camille and Bob Espey

Floy and Holland Evans

Julie and Mike Falick
        Jeanne Fleming

Lizzie and Scott Fletcher

Ellie Francisco
        Sherry and Jeffrey Fultz

Becky and David Funderburk

Connie and Scott Funk
        Angela Gallagher

Kimberley Willis Gartner
        Sue and Mike Gaskins
        Christine and Jeff Gentil

Nancy Gerner

Lauri and Jim Gleaves
        John and Kathy Glover

Suzy Godwin

Chris and Juan Gonzalez

Pam and Doug Goodson

Carrie and Jim Goolsby

Kathy and John Goss

Bob Gower

Allison Gower

Rikke and Jake Graber

Susan Griffin

Lennie and Glenn Grimes
        Anne and Mike Hachtman

James Hajovsky

Joy Haley

Laura and Devin Hall

Debbie and Britt Hance

Donna and Steve Harmon

Suzanne and Steve Harter

Nancy Hassett
        Shary Heins

Heidi Heller

Allison Hendrickson

Kellie Hepper
        Lesley and Gary Higginbotham
        Barbara and Mike Hinson

Alison Hogan
        Andrew Holland

Alice and Jeff Hopkins
        Nancy Hotze

Robin Howell

Rebecca and Evan Hughes

Betsy and Scott Humphrey

Martha and Jim Johnson
        Liz and Tim Jordan
        Lauren and Roger Kaestner

Susan and Larry Kellner
        Mary and Lee Kemick
        Pamela Kersey
        Emma and Brad Kirchhofer

Leslie and David Knapp

Janette and James Koch

Debbie Koehn

Leanna Koontz
        Dionne Kubin

Kay and George Kurisky

Lisa and Bill Lafferrandre

Sandy and Chris Laflin
        Ashley Langley

Sheri and Tim Lathrop

Bonnie Laughlin

Lillian and Bob Lehman

Lisa and John Lievois

Cynthia Lindsey

Lance Lubel
        Kate Lucrezi
        Karen and Trey Magee
        Dineen Majcher
        Stephanie and Vince Manara

Lynne and Bruce Marion

Claire and Curt Martin
        Lisa and Paul Mason

Elise Massey
        Leslie and Billy Mathias

Warren Matthews

Felecia and Tony May
        Michelle and Ed McAllister

Monica and Tim McCloskey

Susan McConkey

Jackie and Travis McDermott
        Lori McGuinness

Sharon and Mike McLaughlin

Yvette and Bob McMahan
        Amy and John McWhorter

Tina Milanesi

Jan Miller
        Angelika and Allan Millmaker

Wendy Mixon

Mike Mizell
        Millicent Moehlman

Susan and Richard Moody
        Laurie Moore

Marlene Morales and Stephen Pearlman

Wendy and Ben Moreland
        Christine Morris

Betsy Mueller

Sharon Muncey
        William R. Murphy

Liz and Bill Murski

Kim and Bob Myer
        Leann and Russ Newton
        Cindy and Rick Nommenson

Janet and Amin Nosrat
        Judy and Dudley Oldham
        Angela Olivarez and Olivier Leten

Donna Monroe Olsson

Barbara and Charles Peck

Judy Perkins

Juliet Peterson
        Mary Peterson

Liane Phillips

Margaret and Arnaud Pichon
        Lea Pipitone
        Mary and Matt Pletcher

Bob Pohl

Christine and Rainier Potthast

Tom Potts

Janet and Jeff Pozmantier

Lynda Quintana
        Ann Radney
        Linda and Rudy Ramos

Mary Ranger
        Yvonne and Tom Rathgeb

Helen E. Rhodes, M.D.

Jenny Rice
        Kelly Richards
        Julie and Al Riddle
        Laura and Paul Riddle

Harriet Riley and Greg Browne

Ellen Robinson

Kim Robinson
        Kathy Rockwell

Anne Roland

Taunya Rother

Kim and David Rottino

Kristi and Guy Rowland

Peggy Samuels

Valerie Schlosser

Lisa Schroeder

Catherin Shaffer
        Becca and Jay Skelly
        Caroline and Jim Skelly
        Mallory and James Shaddix
        Trish and Steve Shapiro

Yoosun and Ash Sharma

Beth Shaw
        Suzanne and Robert Shelton

Karen and Marty Skolnik

Joe Slovacek

Katy and Curtis Smith

Tammy and Scott Smith

Evelyn and Tom Snow
        Mary Jane Snow
        Debbie Sohmer
        Spring Branch Education Association
        Jeanmarie and Bob Stevenson
        Kristi and Rob Stewart
        Iris and Mike Story

Shirley Swinbank
        Kelly and Michael Taff
        Camille Tarics
        Rebecca Thibodeaux
        Joanne Thomas
        Karen Tinsley

Angel Todd

Suzette and Dave Tolson

Virginia and Walter Tomlinson

Jan Tomlinson

Michelle and Patrick Torres

Lisa Trammell        
        Michele and Ali Tura
        Kara and Scott Uptegraph

        Laura Lee Vaio

Emily Van Buren

Paul Van Slyke

Chris and Steve Vierra

Jennifer Wadsworth

Nancy and Ben Wahl

Sandy and Pat Walker

Diane Walla

Ellen Wallace
        Yvonne and John Wallace
        Michelle Webb

Terri and Curtis Weeks

Lori and Bob Weitzel

Linda and Lewis Westwick

Alison White

Meg Wilson

Patricia Winburne
        Claudine Wright

Jaqueline and John Wright

Jack Yetiv 
        Sarah and David Zaozirny

Joni and John Zavitsanos
        Laurie and Steve Zellers

Michelle and Brad Zschappel

Please join the list by emailing karen@karenpeck.net.  Thank you!

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